KOBELCO is the leading  oil free air compressor manufacturer from Japan.

More than 100 years of technology development. 


Oil Free Air Compressor

Package design for no waste energy

Internal piping design, high efficiency motors and fans contribute to energy savings. Moreover, gas coolers' optimization decreases the discharge temperature and downsizes auxiliary equipment such as dryers. This leads energy saving of not only compressors but also clean air systems.

Newly designed high efficiency rotors

A new rotor profile has been designed using advanced analysis technology that KOBELCO has fostered in their long history since developing the first oil free screw compressor in Japan in 1956. KOBELCO has achieved class-leading specific energy consumption thanks to the new rotors which have been designed superior performance.

Class O Cirtified

The Zero Class certification (ISO8573-1 [-0]), which represents the highest level of purity for quality classifications of compressed air, was received for the (Emeraude ALE) series of products, in acknowledgement for the oil-free technology of Kobelco.

Group Control

Max. 6 units can be automatically operated without a group control panel.


MODELÁp Suất (Mpa)Lưu Lượng (L/min)Công Suất (KW)Độ Ồn (dB)Kích thước (mm)
Khối Lượng (kg)
ES2A-H0.65~0.81651.546545 x 665 x 1,065130
ES8A-H8157.4 (3.7x2)54720 x 1,140 x 1,640375
ES11A-H122511.1 (3.7x3)56435
ES15A-H163014.8 (3.7x4)58510
ES2A-GH0.8~1.01251.546545 x 665 x 1,065130
ES8A-GH6907.4 (3.7x2)53720 x 1,140 x 1,640375
ES11A-GH103511.1 (3.7x3)56435
ES15A-GH138014.8 (3.7x4)58510