bình chứa khí

Supplying all kind of Air Receiver Tank with operating pressure up to 50 bar  and volume up to 50,000 L

Material: SS400, INOX SUS304

Volume (L)Dimension (mm)Working pressire
Designed pressure
300Ø 48018904M34M348.510
500Ø 60019305M49M498.510
700Ø 70019305M49M498.510
1000Ø 85020906M49M498.510
1260Ø 96522108M49M498.510
1500Ø 105021808M60M608.510
2000Ø 105026808M60M608.510
3000Ø 125028401080A80A8.510
4000Ø 145030101080A80A8.510
5000Ø 160031001280A80A8.510
6000Ø 1600360012100A100A8.510
8000Ø 1700422012125A125A8.510
10000Ø 1920405014150A150A8.510

Accessories: Safety valve, Brass ball valve, Pressure gauge

The receiver tank is manufactured by Vietnamese Standard:  TCVN 8366:2010, 6008:2010, 6008/1995, TCVN 7472-2005.